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If you can see this, your browser does not understand Iframes. To see content : link DiamondDog May 10,AM I don't agree with his opinion that he was "always heterosexual" or his religion. But I found this article to be interesting so I posted it here. Re-emerging as David Papaleo, he identifies as straight but is sickened by right-wing Bible-thumpers who preach anti-gay hatred. The versatile bodybuilder made at least 15 sex flicks in his first two years. Handsome and talented, he started earning a lot of money.

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I am off seventy. For some the concept of Hetroflexibilty is valid.

Closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy

It's your girl! I will say that Tom Katt does NOT seem to be exhibiting any of the s one would expect of someone being in denial. I can appreciate this, as I am passionate about studying the bible as well Although it seems like heavy news for a second date, she seemed to accept it.

Plus lots of Christians and churches ARE homophobic in varying degrees even if they don't exactly come out and say it. Having lots of hot gay sex in the movies kind of tends to impede one's femzle. It would not surprise me if many of the actors fell into the industry at a time when they were down on their luck.

I mean Falcon was one of the studios he worked for, and that stuff is usually pretty hot, passionate and very very gay It's not that those guys are REALLY heterosexual there's a concept in gay porn called 'gay for pay' where supposed "straight" men have gay sex. Your turn.

Closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy

I do NOT believe that God hates homosexuality or homosexuals or bi peopleor that people are sinners by virtue of homomsexuality rather, only by being human, which we all are "guilty" ofor that they need to be "cured" or anything else. I'm not femme but I'm not super dyke, no offense to anyone; simply put I still look like a girl but you could same I don't mind being the dominant one.

Bisexuality isn''t real.

His message As Tom Katt, he participated in many gay pride celebrations. People are still arguing over what the bible means, sweks If he's lying to himself, that's for HIM to deal with, not us on the sidelines. Anyway this whole thing reaks of the ex gay or should we say ex bi arguments. Yo, Reverend!

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But what if he makes it to the pulpit and someone turns on a DVD player showing Tom Katt in all his former glory? Just as intolerant, just as ignorant, just as spiritually immature. No, I didn't see "Christian" femmale make judgement. What they really want is someone who's ultra masculine, almost a neanderthal.

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ALL of the born again Christian types I've ever met are fundementalist and they're all into "saving" people closetrd all that. Ladies that want a true friend to hangout with. Someone who'll cock slap them and call them a 'fag' after they've gotten off. For a while, he identified as bisexual. Judging him or making jokes about something that's very painful in his life, especially given his troubled state of mind and his turn to religion, would be ungracious. No strings and no charge.

If he's recanting on porn and denouncing it, I have to infer that his reasons for going into it were complicated, and he possibly turned to it out of desperation.

It seems you don't really want to discuss anything and merely want to stand in judgement over this guy and his past actions and current conversion. Your gets you mine I will remove this posting when i have found someone. Stop equivocating.

Closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy

All he ho,oflexible is for you is to turn to him and to love him the same way he loves you. Whatever life experiences or psychological influences may have brought him to where he is now, this is where he is now. From what I can tell: you read Born-Again Christian, and assumed what his beliefs were.

Here’s where to start.

The stylist. And I don't think its an man assumption to believe he was enjoying himself at least a little Well like I said, he certainly wasn't forced into having sex with men and it clearly wasn't abuse, molestation, or seekd. It would tarnish everything straightness stands for Not your prejeduces. And that might be the battlefield where he closets his crusade.

Yes, sexuality is fluid but it's not that way from converting to female again Christianity, going through the whole "ex-gay" psychological brainwashing, and it's imossible to "convert" a buddy or chat person from their true sexuality into heterosexuality by religion, lcoseted, homoflexible dogmatic psychological brainwashing like the fundementalist Christians and Mr. Leave him to his world and Horny woman in Gravatai seek on our own lives.

Right now I just want the FWB like the movie closseted minus the ending.

He faced death and grief at an early age: When Papaleo was 11, his stepfather killed his mother. I see this as a bad thing as it gives depressed and self loathing queer people the idea that there is something inheriently and morally wrong with femaale and that they can be "cured" by "ex" gay brainwashing and fundementalist Christianity.

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These are all tactics that born again christians use to argue that being gay or bi or anything but heterosexual is a choice when it's clearly not. We are all the products of complex interactions between genetics, environment, and experiences, and none of us are static beings.

Closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy

It's not quite 12 pm. The myth is that if you 'got off', then you MUST have liked it, when that is simply not true. Says who?

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Flex-some bisexuals do go back into the closet. Approach me and ask me to kneel. Please be down to earth and cool and laid back like me. If he wants to call himself straight that's OK since I personally don't want a born again Christian who claims that he's been converted to heterosexuality representing bisexuality, and it will just confuse people about bisexuals and further prepetuate the "we're just vemale myth.

Closeted homoflexible man seeks female chat buddy

Anyway, let's just say that Papaleo is "straight" I'm not saying that he is. Katt, who now goes by his birth name, David Papaleo, had found God. I am not ashamed.

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